Been asked to record a video

Hints and tips for recording video material for inclusion in Online Services

  • Face the light; a window for natural light if possible, to avoid only seeing half your face. Bright light behind you creates unnatural halos and other light effects.
  • Using phones/iPad/tablets/computers is fine, the cameras and audio are very good.
  • Hold your phone or device landscape (wide) rather than portrait (tall) when recording video, (otherwise you end up with a black box around you).
  • Fix the camera in position, don’t hold it, slightly above eye level (to avoid looking at chins or up noses!!)
  • Keep your head as central as possible, remembering to keep looking at the camera as much as possible.
  • Check the background for unwanted objects in view.
  • If your video is to be included into another longer video like the Morning Service, it is important to record for 5 seconds before starting and after ending. This makes it easier for you to settle, making sure that your leaning forward to press start or stop is not included in the final version and also gives the publisher chance to trim the video and add any special effects before and after.
  • Remember – Your device is also the microphone – being too far away or turning your head away while speaking will adversely affect the audio quality, resulting in distortion.
  • If you are asked to contribute more than 1 item for a particular week it is OK to submit all items as 1 video with a pause between each. I can then split them as appropriate.

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