Baptisms at St Mary’s

Can our child be baptised at St. Mary’s? 

Although you do not have to be a specific age to be baptised, the details on this webpage are directed at parents who are considering making such a decision on behalf of their child. St. Mary’s is an Anglican church that believes that every child should be given the opportunity and encouragement to get to know God from the earliest years in life as possible.

God loves us all and wants us all to experience a loving relationship with Him. He wants us to freely accept His love and for us to personally make a decision to lead the life He wants us to live. Baptism in church can be viewed as a public announcement that you have chosen to live that life. In the case of baptism of children, it is a statement that you, in your role as parent of the child, will bring up the child to know God.

If you do want your child to be baptised and are considering St. Mary’s as the venue, you need to be aware of the criteria that should be met:

  • You should live within the catchment area of Stretton.
  • The baptism act is a serious and meaningful event and both parents must understand what it means and the commitment being pledged during this occasion. Therefore, at least one parent is expected to have already been baptised.
  • For the same reason the Godparents must have been baptised.
  • It is suggested that 3 or 4 Godparents are appointed, using the following suggested combination:
    • For a boy – at least 2 Godfathers and 1 Godmother
    • For a girl – at least 2 Godmothers and 1 Godfather

If you would like to be baptised yourself, or would like your child baptised, then please contact Cheryl Broom our Baptism Co-ordinator on 07977 148050 or email ; alternatively Cheryl or one of the St Mary’s family would look forward to meeting you at one of our Sunday services where we can arrange a date and the details of your baptism.